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Welcome to Global Choice Marketplace; Your first-choice in racing pigeon products

Global Choice Marketplace is a unique self-service site that will allow you to shop and sell new and used pigeon-related products online. Posting charges start at as low as $2.50 per item.

Everything from vitamins to racing clocks can be bought and sold at your leisure and on your time.

We do not buy and sell livestock on this site, but you are welcome to explore our sister sites www.choicepigeon.com for live auctions in Canada and www.choicepigeonus.com for live auctions in the United States.

Thank you for making Choice Marketplace your first choice in buying and selling pigeon products.
Benzing Racing Pigeon Timer
Excellent condition, with new ribbon.
Price does not include shipping.
Located in Hamilton, Ontario....
Posted: 2013-01-19           BY: Globe